A couple of weeks ago me and my journalism class went to Magculture at 270 St John Street to check out their amazing business. Magculture was created by people loving magazines for people loving magazines, and we got to meet the founder Jeremy Leslie. Jeremy fist started Magculture as a blog in 2006, and moved into the shop in 2010 and has since then collected over 400 titles from across the world. He gave us a lecture on what works in the business right now and it was inspiring to listen to someone with so much experience.
We then had time to feel, smell (wow it smelled nice in there), and check out all the cool magazines and I’m surprised I didn’t spend too much money in there. I got myself Positive News, the pink mag on the table, and Season, a magazine about female football and fashion. They are now laying here, together with Stylists Suffagrettes issue celebrating 100 years of votes for women, making my workplace pretty. Check out Magculture here.

I love indie magazines so much, the design is calmer and more welcoming than the glossy magazines I grew up with. I also like the minimalism and lack of headlines, also that every advert look like an editorial piece designed for the magazine.

They say that print is dying, and I don’t want to believe that. But then I realise that I don’t go to WHSmith to go through the shelf to pick out my favourite magazines for the week. So I feel that I can’t really feel sad about it until I do something about it? So I’m doing something about it.
My favourite magazines to pick up at the moment are minimalistic ones, pretty food ones and, actually, new Vogue. New Vogue is very much new, much better than what it represented before and it has a whole new vibe. I read the first issue from front page to back page and loved it all.

What kind of magazines do you read? Will print die, or can we save it?

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