Roehampton Anthology.

I have news. Big ones.

Every year University of Roehampton has a competition to select the work of students that will go into our anthology – a collection of flash fiction, short stories and poetry developed by creative writing students. A Creative Writing Soiree is held to announce the winners, and last Wednesday was the big night.

I entered this year and, believe it or not, I won.

I still have a hard time believing it. I can’t quite grasp the fact that one of my stories is good enough to go into print, mainly because this has been the dream for as long as I can remember but also because I had a hard time understanding the feeling in my tummy before the announcement. It was so weird to walk up on that stage…

Now it is time to go into the editing process, which will be fun, but also scary and stressful because of the amount of work I have to complete before May. I have three modules this term, and around 8000 words to write.
The anthology will be published in, I think, autumn, and I can’t wait to see the book and read my fellow students entries.

At the moment I am in Sweden, a few days away from London to check on my cervix that I had a tiny operation on six months ago, and, like Dennis said and now regret saying, I am a soon to be published writer with a dysfunctional vagina.

(God I love that tag line.)


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