The weekend stress

Do you ever feel the weekend stress? You know when you feel like you have to go up and do stuff just because you have time off? Like you have to catch the day? Carpe diem and all that shit. Well, I felt it hard this weekend…

I had a pretty shitty day yesterday. I slept poorly because of the full moon, and woke up feeling super tired and uninspired. So I tidied and watched football all day. I was in a terrible mood and almost felt like I was getting ill. So today I wanted to really enjoy my Sunday.

I woke up, with Dennis still asleep next to me, and started planning. When does Dennis have to wake up? At what time do we need to leave the flat to really enjoy the day? When do we have to have finished our walk to have time to eat lunch, go to Tesco and stop by Primark? We stayed in bed way too long, and I was getting stressed, whilst Dennis was calm as a cow. And thank god for that. When I realised I just needed to calm down I managed to enjoy the shit out of this Sunday. I don’t feel bad about it being Monday tomorrow, and we have done everything we wanted to do today, without a schedule and me freaking out about time. My brain is just silly, and I am too scared to miss out on my time off. I need to stop stressing and start zening. Or something like that. Anyway, this weekend turned out to be fantastic, and it’s not even over yet.


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