I talked about self care a couple of blog posts ago, and today I am focusing on that again.

I am sat at a cafe by myself and I feel more at peace than I have done all weekend. This is my first day off in two weeks, and I needed this day, and this time, so bad. I go mad if I don’t get to be just me with my notebook, my computer, and my stupid TV shows at least one day every week. I have been productive without feeling stressed or forced into anything. I have sent emails that I needed to send, I have written paragraphs that I needed to write, and I have made phone calls I needed to call.

And I feel better. Nothing has been hoovering over me today, and I am so relieved.

Now I want to see people again, I want to talk and share, I want to socialise.

But sometimes I need just me, to restart everything.


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