“It’s my favourite smell”

Done and done!

I have interviewed and written a “script” for my article that I will finish tomorrow. I am very excited to finish this piece. The man I interviewed, the owner of the restaurant, was lovely and very chatty. I can’t wait for April when I will be in Stockholm and can go and see the place.

Today Dennis and I had a cute moment, that pretty much explains our relationship. I came back to our room after cooking. I had been cutting vegetables, spicing chickpeas with cumin, hot chilli powder, and coriander, and in the end I crushed a few garlic cloves. When I sat down next to him in bed, after kissing his whole face, he said “You smell nice,” I smiled and said “It’s garlic,” which made him say “It’s my favourite smell,” while smiling broadly. He never says I smell nice when I am wearing perfume, but when I am covered in garlic he gets excited. At least he’s not a vampire.

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