So, Pingbacks are a thing here on wordpress. Sounds a little like a hashtag or a a @ that fellow bloggers can find you through? Anyway, are doing a weekly photo challenge, and I thought I’d join to see if it will get more people to read my posts, I hope it will.

So, here goes.
This weeks theme is Beloved and here is my photo representing that word.


We have been together for almost exactly 2 years now, and time has sped by in a heartbeat. He is my first ever boyfriend and it has been confusing and scary many times, like “oh yeah that’s right I need to include that guy in my plans”. Weird huh. But we are doing well. He makes me happy, he likes me being silly and all I need is him next to me. He also makes very nice tea and buys the best biscuits. I feel loved, and he is my beloved one.

Photo by: Linnsejphotography 

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