Blogs and Istagram accounts – Inspirational women

Here comes three of my favourites on Instagram and in the blog world. Truly empowering women.


Sara Dahlström is the editor in cheif at the Swedish magazine Hälsa och Fitness (Health and Fitness). She encourage me to crush all kind of body shaming, to accept myself, and to dance around in my underwear more often. She created #skakamedsara, the dance challenge I wrote about, and lives for us all to accept our bodies. She also have two bad ass tattoos and lifts heavy stuff. She’s on Instagram and on FitnessFeministen.


Grace Latter is someone I very recently discovered on Instagram, and she has made me smile ever since. I look up to her. To the way she writes, to the way she is. Her pictures are great and she is a fan of coffee, as am I. Plus, her mum is the cutest. You can find her lovely blog here. 


Maria Andrew is a writer and illustrator whowho has helped me understand America better. Her power lays in capturing strong feelings in little words in pictures. Also, her work is so damn relatable. She is bymariaandrew on Instagram, go and check out her stories!

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