Here’s to 2018

It is January 2018 and I am excited. Kind of. Okay, I am also terrified. I am now on my final term of my time at University, and the future is scary. And exciting. Kind of.

January is, as always, a very grey month, and I have put up some small goals for myself to stay motivated. I have a writing challenge that will continue throughout the month, and this week I am dancing every morning. I dance because one of my favourite bloggers started #skakamedsara (shakeitwithsara) and we dance for body positivity and for us to love the body we are born in.

Speaking of bloggers, I will dedicate my first couple of posts (after this one) to blogs and instagram accounts that inspire me. I have a lot of those.

January is also my birthday month, and I will make sure it is celebrated properly.

Until next time,


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