Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So the theatre was fantastic.

I am so impressed how they worked the story, used so little, and created so much. The actors did an amazing job, and the visual affects were mind blowing. It was magical.

I wish that I could have watched myself watch it. I bet my eyes were gleaming.

I read the script several years ago, when it came out as a book, and I remember being so grateful that I knew it was a script and not a real JK Rowling book. Scripts are hard to read, but I still enjoyed it (although it’s very different to how JK Rowling would have written it). And I am impressed, it’s such a well made play.

Scorpius Malfoy stole the show, he was absolutely amazing. And funny. Draco Malfoy too. But my favourite was Moaning Myrtle, oh my god I love what they did with her character, it was spot on.

I am so happy I went, and I could totally go and see it again.


Photo by The Independent.

Birthday week

Hello hello hello!

My birthday week is here, and it started with a bang(ish).

Monday at work went surprisingly quick and it led me to Shepherd’s Bush and my beautiful Steph, we had a quick bite at Leon (yum Love burger, yum Halloumi wrap) before we went to the cinema and watched Little Women which I have been wanting to do since way before Christmas. And it was so lovely. We cried, we laughed and it was just really great.

Today, Tuesday, started less good and there were no trains. But it has run smoothly since then.

Wednesday will be calm and I’ll rest before the magic is happening… Dennis and I are going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Thursday and Friday!!! I am so excited and happy and pumped and it’ll be great. Then there’s Saturday, and my birthday, and I am going to IRELAND FOR FOUR DAYS! How amazing? I’ve never been before but I just know I’ll love it. Durga and I will drink and eat our way through Dublin and I am so grateful that she wants me to go with her.

And then my birthday week will be over and I will have no money and I’ll miss it but I am excited, and my week has only just started.


Picture from Riga and January last year.

The weekend stress

Do you ever feel the weekend stress? You know when you feel like you have to go up and do stuff just because you have time off? Like you have to catch the day? Carpe diem and all that shit. Well, I felt it hard this weekend…

I had a pretty shitty day yesterday. I slept poorly because of the full moon, and woke up feeling super tired and uninspired. So I tidied and watched football all day. I was in a terrible mood and almost felt like I was getting ill. So today I wanted to really enjoy my Sunday.

I woke up, with Dennis still asleep next to me, and started planning. When does Dennis have to wake up? At what time do we need to leave the flat to really enjoy the day? When do we have to have finished our walk to have time to eat lunch, go to Tesco and stop by Primark? We stayed in bed way too long, and I was getting stressed, whilst Dennis was calm as a cow. And thank god for that. When I realised I just needed to calm down I managed to enjoy the shit out of this Sunday. I don’t feel bad about it being Monday tomorrow, and we have done everything we wanted to do today, without a schedule and me freaking out about time. My brain is just silly, and I am too scared to miss out on my time off. I need to stop stressing and start zening. Or something like that. Anyway, this weekend turned out to be fantastic, and it’s not even over yet.


How are we doing?

Hi, how are we doing? I know… I did it again. It has been 4 month.

But we are all pretty used to this now aren’t we?

As I said in my previous post I have started working in an office. In Croydon. Croydon is barely London. It takes an hour for me to get here. And here I go, every day. And here I am, every day, for 9 hours.
Office jobs are special. Sometimes we are super busy, sometimes I am coming up with own little projects to make time pass. Sometimes the office is loud and chatty, sometimes it’s super quite.

I work with the nicest bunch of people, which is why I think it’s acceptable to travel to Croydon everyday. We have a lot of events, they like to make us drunk, and it’s a very social workplace. I must say that I like it here.

So autumn came and went, and then Christmas came and went. And I have been reading, drinking, cooking, celebrating, cuddling and commuting my way through these past months. Christmas was lovely, but I can talk more about that another time.

edit33Picture from our office Halloween Party.

And now it’s a new year, and a new decade. 2020. Wow.

With the new year I got an email asking if I wanted to keep freelancing for ScanMagazine, and yes yes yes please. I have missed writing articles so much, and I feel like this will get my head back into the game.

So, in conclusion: I am still working in an office, I miss writing articles, I am excited to write articles again, and I have accepted Croydon.

That’s it for now. Ciao.

Stepping into a new area.

It’s been a while. A whole summer to be exact.

It was a lovely one. I have spent many hours at the pub, both working and consuming, I have celebrated midsummer, I spent my holiday in Sweden and in Riga, I have discovered exciting new places to eat with Dennis, and we have watched every minute of Brooklyn 99. Cheddar is our favourite character.

And I quite my jobs. Yes, plural.

In June I told the pub and the family I work for that I will try to find a new job, a job where I get to write and work with content full time. So I came back after my holiday and jumped on the looking-for-a-job-train. I was expecting to be unemployed for a while, remembering how tough it was last year, but, surprisingly, I found one and I will start working there next week.

I am, starting Monday, Content Writer and Marketing Executive at Hexpress Healthcare.

I will therefor work Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5.30, in an office, with colleagues and computers.

I admit, I am super nervous. I have never worked in an office before, I don’t know what to wear or how to work in this kind of team, and I don’t know if it will fit my lifestyle. I am so used to be in control of my working hours, I am used to prioritise for myself, and now I won’t be able to do that. It scares me. But, since I don’t know, it might be the best thing for me. Structure, consistency, and safety. So I am excited, as well. But scared.

There’s a lot going on inside my head right now, but I am very happy to enter this new area, and I can’t wait to gain more experience within the industry.

Wish me luck, I hope to be able to keep you updated.


The June issue of Scan Magazine is a lovely one. It features the best ways to celebrate midsummer, a bunch of romantic getaways, a story about hungover free beer (!?) and four articles written by me.

My articles “A golf dress for a woman in motion”, “Ground-breaking collaging”, “Wine from the north”, and “An intimate hotel experience with a difference” can be found at pages 36, 38, 62, and 66.

I had a lot of fun writing these, and really enjoyed getting to know the personas behind the brands.
Emma Järvenpää is such an interesting and inspiring artist and great to talk to. Make sure you check out her art on her website or on instagram!
Carina Lindeberg, founder of Nicojoli, has also been lovely and her brand is both niche and fascinating.

You can find the hungover free beer story on page 48 and “Ten Scandinavian midsummer traditions for a real midsummer experience” on page 44. And the cover makes me happy.


Photo by Johan Palmgren for Emma Järvenpää


Photo by Villa Gransholm


Photo by Nicojoli

Abortion laws.

I don’t know if there’s anything I can say that hasn’t been said already. I don’t think there is. It is just scary isn’t it? That in 2019 we are debating weather abortions should be around or not? If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t. If you need one, do it. We all know that an abortion ban won’t stop abortions, it’ll just stop safe ones.

It’s just a small amount of people who wants to be in control over the rest. Because they’re not pro life, they are pro birth. I quote Zara Larsson “Pro life should be a safe home, food on the table, a happy life. That’s pro life, you are pro birth, and you don’t give a shit about the lives that are waiting these babies that you are forcing into this world.” (I am paraphrasing because her instastory has gone already, sorry.)

And don’t get me started on how not having children is the number one best thing we can do for our environment. Because that’s how it is.

I want to finish with encouraging everyone to check out Bodyposipandas instagram where she’s linked where you can donate or how to show support in these horrible times. Stand up for #prochoice

Svartsö Krog, Sofiero Slott, and Birgit Nilson Museum for Scan Magazine.

Another issue of Scan Magazine is out and I am grateful for another month of writing and interviewing.
This month I really want to visit Sofiero Castle to walk around in the powerful garden, and I will definitely try to visit Svartsö Krog for a dinner in Stockholm’s archipelago. It was also interesting to learn more about one of the world’s most famous and successful opera singers – Birgit Nilsson.

You can read my articles on pages 25, 69, and 78. And please give feedback if you do!

This issue is also featuring Ada Hegerberg, the world’s first female Ballon d’Or winner, who plays for the french team Olympique Lyonnais, and who is pretty bad ass. She’s only 23 years old, but has managed to stay herself, “What I appreciate the most is that I managed to succeed and at the same time maintain my values”.
Check her story out on page 43 to 45.

Photo by Sofiero Slott.

Photo by Svartsö Krog.

I am a product of capitalism, and I am angry.

I feel hopeless and absolutely useless, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

So why this feeling on a perfectly fine Thursday morning? Well, I had a tiny conversation with someone who said “It’s not a matter of generations anymore, it is our generation”, and now I am angry.

During the past year or two the world has, finally but very much too late, started talking about our world and how we are killing it rapidly. We are finally seeing how our climate is changing and what we can do to help our world out just a little. But, fuck, it is so late.

I am a product of capitalism and the comfort that I have grown up in, I was never truly told how bad it was to leave lights on or how straws are bad bad bad. My family have always recycled, because is Sweden that is just what you do, it’s not even a good thing, YOU JUST DO IT. But there so much more things that could have been introduced to my life earlier which would have made me more aware of all the shit that is going on, and all the shit we are leaving to our children to deal with. I’m not saying that my parents didn’t do a good job, they did, but they are also a product of capitalism and obviously wanted to give us all we wanted.

The saddest part is that I still don’t do enough. I love consuming. I love to travel and I would hate for the flight prices to rise. But I am freakishly aware of how bad it is and how bad I am doing as a human being. I’d like to say that I try. I still recycle, (even though the way people recycle here in England is ridiculous, it barely exist),  I don’t eat meat more than once a week and mix my meals up with vegan recipes, I do laundry once a week maximum, and I very rarely go anywhere by car. If train prices were lower I’d go by train everywhere.
But I am not even close to doing enough. And that makes me angry too. It makes me angry that no one has done anything or forced people into doing something earlier, because there were signs. But no, because comfort came before everything 50 years ago, when we started to figure out how to NOT do anything by ourselves.

People say that Greta Thunberg is brainwashed, but, actually, everyone else are brainwashed. We are brainwashed into comfort and the constant thoughts “but what can I do? I am only one little human? It is only one bloody straw”, and that we need it all. We need all the clothes, we need meat, and we need to fly.

Today I am angrier than most days, because today I was told “it is too late”, and I feel useless. Can everyone else join me in my anger?

Greta Thunberg; climate change warrior: “Some people can let things go, I can’t” by The Guardian

Greta and the UK. – Video


That week in Stockholm

I couldn’t have timed my week in Sweden better.
I arrived in the afternoon in the 12th of April, and it was freezing. I knew it would be, but I refused to bring my winter coat. So I waited, freezing, for Emma and Josefine to pick me up before our comedy night, which ended up being pretty great. The rest of the weekend was spent cuddling my girls, shopping, and chatting about everything. It was so nice to have a weekend with them, and I miss them a lot. And the temperature rose. It was between 15 and 20 degrees all week long.

On the Tuesday I met up with Gustav for lunch. We didn’t have any specific plans so I took him to Glashuset, the restaurant I wrote about in Scan Magazine last month, and had a good catch up, and a delicious lunch.


After lunch I went to see my plus cousin (my uncles wife’s son), his girlfriend, and their two children for more cuddles and play. The evening was spent drinking and watching football with said plus cousin and my two biological cousins! Such a lovely night with a lot of laughter.


On Wednesday I met up with Sandra who I studied at Roehampton University with and who also work for fantastic Selcouth Station. She took me to Djurgården for lunch and loads of talking. She also snapped a few pictures of me against pretty walls.






The rest of the week was spent enjoying the SUNSHINE, playing with cuties that I’ll be showing later, and wandering the streets of Stockholm. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my uncle and his wife, to eat their food, and discover their Hogwarts houses.

I really didn’t want to leave this Friday. Like I’ve said before I haven’t experienced living in Stockholm and kind of wish I could for a while, but it is also easy to enjoy it when you’re on holiday and have no obligations. Anyway, I had the most amazing week and hope to come back soon.