Once upon a time, there was a writer…

Wow, wonder how many times I can start this blog again without it getting embarrassing… Who am I trying to fool, it is 100% already embarrassing.

It has been a couple of mad years right? With the big C still roaming around us and the world trying to learn how to live with it whilst denying the fact that we will have to.

I did really well the first year (2020) and truly enjoyed this new lifestyle. It was a lot less stressful. In 2021, I did less well and really struggled with getting back out into the world. I quit a job, got a new job, quit that job, moved into a new flat, attended two weddings, went to Glasgow for Sweden vs Ukraine in the Euro Cup, wrote a bunch of articles, and started reading frequently again.

I am currently (in this very moment actually) trying to figure out what my next steps are. I know I have to take them, but I am just afraid I’ll trip over myself and not get up again. Actually, I am terrified.

My first tiny little step is to say Hello here again. Hi world.

My next little step is to turn 30. Which I will tomorrow. God help me.

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