Book Review: The Midnight Library

This review contains spoilers, but not until the very end where I have documented my initial thoughts.

Nora Seed has lived a life full of regrets and misery. A life where none of her dreams came true, and all her relationships fell apart. When she doesn’t want to be a part of it all anymore, she finds herself in The Midnight Library – a place between life and death. Here she gets to discover what would have happened if she made different choices, if she didn’t have any regrets.

The first book I read by Matt Haig was How to Stop Time, and the feelings I felt then matches the feelings I have now. I understand. I understand why Matt writes in the way he does, I understand why he creates a world where you can experience a million different lives. I understand why he wants to discover all the possibilities and all the different versions of ourselves. I understand why he wants us to be able to discover our possibilities. This is how I want people to feel after reading my writing too.

It is uncomplicated, relatable, insightful, and reflecting. Matt Haig knows human connections, maybe better than anyone else, and he knows how to explain it.

I love this book and what it represents. It is an important book and I highly recommend it.

I finished the book, very appropriately, at midnight, and wrote down my initial thoughts:

I felt like there was something off the whole time Nora spent in the library. I was unease with her situation and it just felt wrong. All those lives that was “her” didn’t feel like her. She didn’t feel like someone who needs to have it all. She felt like someone who just needs a purpose. And potential. And possibilities. When she came back to her root life, things felt right. She was back where she belonged. It was a little life, but it was her life.

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