Write they said… It will be fun they said…

So apparently, I celebrated my birthday in January, went to Dublin, and then I stopped writing…

And during this time, this thing called corona happened and the whole world went upside down. Kind of like if the world would have been stuck in a plastic bowl and someone put down an electric mixer in there and pressed play.

I went into lock down in March, and have been working from home since then. It has been going surprisingly well. I don’t mind working from home, and have learnt how to not go mad (which I totally thought I would). For me it takes routine, books, good food, making sure I move around during the day, and a lot of walks around our area.

Then I was lucky enough to be able to go to Sweden for two weeks in August. It was like fleeing reality. I read loads, played card games with my siblings, talked about books with my mum, watched football with my dad, went swimming almost every day, and ate all the ice cream.

And then I was in quarantine for two weeks after coming back to the UK.

And here we are now.

My first weekend of freedom back in the UK I went book shopping for the first time in over 6 months. It was a very happy moment. And with this I have also created another Instagram, where I will post about books, feature my own writing, and connect with others within the writing community.

It is, conveniently enough, named after this blog – writerhannaandersson

Check it out if you are on Instagram, but if you prefer the blog world, I will start updating this space too. With longer versions of my Instagram posts.

Until next time,


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