Review: The Psychology of Time Travel

In 1967, four female scientists invent time travel. One of them suffer from mental health issues caused by the stress, which leads her to break down in television and her departure from the project. The other women continue without her and create an organisation which become highly successful, but not without keeping a close eye on their employees and their mental health…

My first thought was: Girl power. I loved the female characters, their relationships and that I could almost assume that most characters were female. They felt strong and inspiring, and I wanted to get to know them more.

I really like the concept of time travel (two of my favourite books of all time are Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time and The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley), and I think that the time travelling was fun to figure out, and not too complicated. I loved the Time Travel Glossary, and especially the term “Legacy fuck” which means “Intercourse with one’s past self”.

I kind of wish there were more character development, and I really wish I got to know the characters better. I want to know more.

Finally, I felt that it was so exciting and intriguing in the beginning that the suspense was lost in the end – I knew what would happen. But maybe that was because I was supposed to feel like a time traveller too? Maybe I got to experience a “Completion” which according to the glossary means “To live an incident you’ve already read or heard about”.

I would still give it 4 stars – a great debut novel, and I recommend it.

Have you read The Psychology of Time Travel? What did you think?

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