Dublin part 1.

Last weekend Durga and I went to Irland and Dublin. Neither of us had been before and had high expectations, which were met. What a cool city!

It was way more European than I thought; the roads were wider than in England and it had a Barcelona feel in a way. But it was also a bit like visiting Gothenburg. Either way it was very friendly, pretty, and the Guinness was just to die for (as promised).
The only thing that wasn’t too pleasant was the prices, and I was very surprised by how expensive it was. I guess I forgot that we went to see a European capital…

We arrived on the Saturday and went to find our hotel which was perfectly located on top of a pub. We were showed into our room which was the cutest and cosiest room I’ve ever seen. After getting to know our room and freshened up we went downstairs to have our first ever pint of Irish Guinness. It was a great moment, and I’ll cherish it forever.


Saturday was also my birthday, so we went out to find somewhere nice to eat. We had a little list of places we wanted to check out, and we started with the french restaurant Chez Max which had great wine and lovely stews.


I didn’t bring my camera on our first evening out, but I managed to get a few snapshots with my phone.



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