Birthday week

Hello hello hello!

My birthday week is here, and it started with a bang(ish).

Monday at work went surprisingly quick and it led me to Shepherd’s Bush and my beautiful Steph, we had a quick bite at Leon (yum Love burger, yum Halloumi wrap) before we went to the cinema and watched Little Women which I have been wanting to do since way before Christmas. And it was so lovely. We cried, we laughed and it was just really great.

Today, Tuesday, started less good and there were no trains. But it has run smoothly since then.

Wednesday will be calm and I’ll rest before the magic is happening… Dennis and I are going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Thursday and Friday!!! I am so excited and happy and pumped and it’ll be great. Then there’s Saturday, and my birthday, and I am going to IRELAND FOR FOUR DAYS! How amazing? I’ve never been before but I just know I’ll love it. Durga and I will drink and eat our way through Dublin and I am so grateful that she wants me to go with her.

And then my birthday week will be over and I will have no money and I’ll miss it but I am excited, and my week has only just started.


Picture from Riga and January last year.

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