Dublin part 1.

Last weekend Durga and I went to Irland and Dublin. Neither of us had been before and had high expectations, which were met. What a cool city!

It was way more European than I thought; the roads were wider than in England and it had a Barcelona feel in a way. But it was also a bit like visiting Gothenburg. Either way it was very friendly, pretty, and the Guinness was just to die for (as promised).
The only thing that wasn’t too pleasant was the prices, and I was very surprised by how expensive it was. I guess I forgot that we went to see a European capital…

We arrived on the Saturday and went to find our hotel which was perfectly located on top of a pub. We were showed into our room which was the cutest and cosiest room I’ve ever seen. After getting to know our room and freshened up we went downstairs to have our first ever pint of Irish Guinness. It was a great moment, and I’ll cherish it forever.


Saturday was also my birthday, so we went out to find somewhere nice to eat. We had a little list of places we wanted to check out, and we started with the french restaurant Chez Max which had great wine and lovely stews.


I didn’t bring my camera on our first evening out, but I managed to get a few snapshots with my phone.



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So the theatre was fantastic.

I am so impressed how they worked the story, used so little, and created so much. The actors did an amazing job, and the visual affects were mind blowing. It was magical.

I wish that I could have watched myself watch it. I bet my eyes were gleaming.

I read the script several years ago, when it came out as a book, and I remember being so grateful that I knew it was a script and not a real JK Rowling book. Scripts are hard to read, but I still enjoyed it (although it’s very different to how JK Rowling would have written it). And I am impressed, it’s such a well made play.

Scorpius Malfoy stole the show, he was absolutely amazing. And funny. Draco Malfoy too. But my favourite was Moaning Myrtle, oh my god I love what they did with her character, it was spot on.

I am so happy I went, and I could totally go and see it again.


Photo by The Independent.

Birthday week

Hello hello hello!

My birthday week is here, and it started with a bang(ish).

Monday at work went surprisingly quick and it led me to Shepherd’s Bush and my beautiful Steph, we had a quick bite at Leon (yum Love burger, yum Halloumi wrap) before we went to the cinema and watched Little Women which I have been wanting to do since way before Christmas. And it was so lovely. We cried, we laughed and it was just really great.

Today, Tuesday, started less good and there were no trains. But it has run smoothly since then.

Wednesday will be calm and I’ll rest before the magic is happening… Dennis and I are going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Thursday and Friday!!! I am so excited and happy and pumped and it’ll be great. Then there’s Saturday, and my birthday, and I am going to IRELAND FOR FOUR DAYS! How amazing? I’ve never been before but I just know I’ll love it. Durga and I will drink and eat our way through Dublin and I am so grateful that she wants me to go with her.

And then my birthday week will be over and I will have no money and I’ll miss it but I am excited, and my week has only just started.


Picture from Riga and January last year.

The weekend stress

Do you ever feel the weekend stress? You know when you feel like you have to go up and do stuff just because you have time off? Like you have to catch the day? Carpe diem and all that shit. Well, I felt it hard this weekend…

I had a pretty shitty day yesterday. I slept poorly because of the full moon, and woke up feeling super tired and uninspired. So I tidied and watched football all day. I was in a terrible mood and almost felt like I was getting ill. So today I wanted to really enjoy my Sunday.

I woke up, with Dennis still asleep next to me, and started planning. When does Dennis have to wake up? At what time do we need to leave the flat to really enjoy the day? When do we have to have finished our walk to have time to eat lunch, go to Tesco and stop by Primark? We stayed in bed way too long, and I was getting stressed, whilst Dennis was calm as a cow. And thank god for that. When I realised I just needed to calm down I managed to enjoy the shit out of this Sunday. I don’t feel bad about it being Monday tomorrow, and we have done everything we wanted to do today, without a schedule and me freaking out about time. My brain is just silly, and I am too scared to miss out on my time off. I need to stop stressing and start zening. Or something like that. Anyway, this weekend turned out to be fantastic, and it’s not even over yet.


How are we doing?

Hi, how are we doing? I know… I did it again. It has been 4 month.

But we are all pretty used to this now aren’t we?

As I said in my previous post I have started working in an office. In Croydon. Croydon is barely London. It takes an hour for me to get here. And here I go, every day. And here I am, every day, for 9 hours.
Office jobs are special. Sometimes we are super busy, sometimes I am coming up with own little projects to make time pass. Sometimes the office is loud and chatty, sometimes it’s super quite.

I work with the nicest bunch of people, which is why I think it’s acceptable to travel to Croydon everyday. We have a lot of events, they like to make us drunk, and it’s a very social workplace. I must say that I like it here.

So autumn came and went, and then Christmas came and went. And I have been reading, drinking, cooking, celebrating, cuddling and commuting my way through these past months. Christmas was lovely, but I can talk more about that another time.

edit33Picture from our office Halloween Party.

And now it’s a new year, and a new decade. 2020. Wow.

With the new year I got an email asking if I wanted to keep freelancing for ScanMagazine, and yes yes yes please. I have missed writing articles so much, and I feel like this will get my head back into the game.

So, in conclusion: I am still working in an office, I miss writing articles, I am excited to write articles again, and I have accepted Croydon.

That’s it for now. Ciao.