The June issue of Scan Magazine is a lovely one. It features the best ways to celebrate midsummer, a bunch of romantic getaways, a story about hungover free beer (!?) and four articles written by me.

My articles “A golf dress for a woman in motion”, “Ground-breaking collaging”, “Wine from the north”, and “An intimate hotel experience with a difference” can be found at pages 36, 38, 62, and 66.

I had a lot of fun writing these, and really enjoyed getting to know the personas behind the brands.
Emma Järvenpää is such an interesting and inspiring artist and great to talk to. Make sure you check out her art on her website or on instagram!
Carina Lindeberg, founder of Nicojoli, has also been lovely and her brand is both niche and fascinating.

You can find the hungover free beer story on page 48 and “Ten Scandinavian midsummer traditions for a real midsummer experience” on page 44. And the cover makes me happy.


Photo by Johan Palmgren for Emma Järvenpää


Photo by Villa Gransholm


Photo by Nicojoli