That week in Stockholm

I couldn’t have timed my week in Sweden better.
I arrived in the afternoon in the 12th of April, and it was freezing. I knew it would be, but I refused to bring my winter coat. So I waited, freezing, for Emma and Josefine to pick me up before our comedy night, which ended up being pretty great. The rest of the weekend was spent cuddling my girls, shopping, and chatting about everything. It was so nice to have a weekend with them, and I miss them a lot. And the temperature rose. It was between 15 and 20 degrees all week long.

On the Tuesday I met up with Gustav for lunch. We didn’t have any specific plans so I took him to Glashuset, the restaurant I wrote about in Scan Magazine last month, and had a good catch up, and a delicious lunch.


After lunch I went to see my plus cousin (my uncles wife’s son), his girlfriend, and their two children for more cuddles and play. The evening was spent drinking and watching football with said plus cousin and my two biological cousins! Such a lovely night with a lot of laughter.


On Wednesday I met up with Sandra who I studied at Roehampton University with and who also work for fantastic Selcouth Station. She took me to Djurgården for lunch and loads of talking. She also snapped a few pictures of me against pretty walls.






The rest of the week was spent enjoying the SUNSHINE, playing with cuties that I’ll be showing later, and wandering the streets of Stockholm. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my uncle and his wife, to eat their food, and discover their Hogwarts houses.

I really didn’t want to leave this Friday. Like I’ve said before I haven’t experienced living in Stockholm and kind of wish I could for a while, but it is also easy to enjoy it when you’re on holiday and have no obligations. Anyway, I had the most amazing week and hope to come back soon.


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