Pillowtalk, Difficult by P. and Emmy Design for Scan Magazine

The April issue for Scan Magazine is filled with articles about fashion, Scandinavian design and Mads Mikkelsen, and, incredibly enough, three of them are written by me.

Sustainability is an ongoing theme in Scan Magazine and most brands focus on this in their business plan. I think it’s a great thing, and we all should be more conscious about our consumption, but I am quick to admit to my own shortcoming in this area. I am one of many who has to think about what I buy and what affect it has on our planet. Of course, everyone doesn’t have the same possibility to buy organic or from small businesses. However, everyone can do something. For example, we can all remember to turn of the lights when you leave a room, or to not do more laundry than necessary.

That’s just my thoughts after reading this month’s Scan Magazine.

Read my articles, “Difficult trainers – designed in Swede, handmade in Venice”, “Fashion and bed linen for everyday luxury”, and “A ’30s to ’50s-inspired clothing brand for every woman” at pages 21, 26, and 90. Also check out “Look good, feel good, do good”, at page 91 and “Seek out the cosy island pace” on page 106.

Photo by Pillowtalk.

emmy design_Spring-Summer 2019 collection. Photo by Frans Nilsson_4
Photo by Emmy Design

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