Would you rather…

Meet your great grandparents or your great grandchildren?
– I’d rather meet my great grandchildren. I am fortunate enough to have met one of my great grandparents, Gammo, and she made the best pancakes. But I think it would be amazing to see how my great grandchildren look at the world, if there is one, and how they approach life.

Have more time or have more money?
– Have more time. Definitely. However, we’ve got time, but we have so many opportunities to do EVERYTHING all the time that our time feels limited. Matt Haig, oh wonderful Matt Haig, wrote about this in his latest book “Notes on a nervous planet”, and said, “To enjoy life, we might have to stop thinking about what we will never be able to read and watch and say and do, and start to think of how to enjoy the world within our boundaries. To live on a human scale. To focus on the few things we can do, rather than the millions of things we can’t”.

Have life rewind button or have life pause button?
– I’d pick to have a life pause button. I’d rather live in the moment for a bit longer than being able to go back to it.

Know all the worlds languages in the world or speak with animals?
– As much as I’d like to be able to speak to animals I would still pick to know all the languages. Firstly because I couldn’t handle the guilt when talking to animals, but also because I would like to understand everyone around the world and be able to hear their perspectives.

No one shows up to your wedding or no one shows up to your funeral?
– I’d rather have no one showing up to my funeral. I’ll be dead and will probably not notice. I didn’t arrange it. My wedding on the hand better be packed with people and love!

Stuck in a lift or stuck in a ski lift?
– Hardest one yet. Being stuck in a ski lift is a way cooler story, but imagine how cold you’d be?! A lift would probably get fixed faster as well, but it’s scary in another way. Okay, I’ll say I’d rather get stuck in a lift…

Go to dinner along or go to a concert alone?
– I’d do either, and I have done both. But I think I’d rather go to a concert alone, because you are not actually alone. Everyone around you love the same artist and you can find someone to enjoy it with.

Have world peace or stop world hunger?
– Stop world hunger.

Go sky diving or go bungee jumping?
– Sky diving, it is definitely on my bucket list.

Be an adult your whole life or be a child your whole life?
– Be a child! I miss childhood. I loved being 12 years old. I just played sports and read books and cycled everywhere. Good times.

Go on holiday with your friends or go on holiday with your partner?
– Can we all go together? Honestly, this depends. Going on holiday with friends are so great and the mood is very different from when I go on holiday with my partner. But when I travel with my partner is kind of easier when it comes to deciding things. Holidays with friends include a lot of different opinions, haha.

Side of salad or side of soup?
– Who has soup as a side? I’d have soup as a starter and salad as a side.

Get a brand new house or a brand new car?
– Easy. Give me the house! Could not care less about cars or weather they are new or not.


Throwback from a spring day three years ago. I miss those converse. And my mothers jean jacket.

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