Longest second of my life.

Longest year of my life: 2016. The year I got ill, the year my anxiety started to take form, the year I was the saddest, and the angriest. I was also in love, which saved me.

Longest month of my life:  Probably July 2008, or 2009. Most of my friends were partying and drinking, whilst I didn’t. I wanted to be a part f it though, without the drinking, but I was not allowed because the boys didn’t want to make out with me. I had always been a part of the popular group, because I did sport and got along with everyone, but I was slowly excluded and overlooked. It was painful.

Longest week of my life: A week during 2003, I was 11. It was the first time I got my stressed tummy. I went to see a doctor and got medicine to help my pain, but apparently I was allergic to it. It led to my mum (I think it was mamma?) driving me to the emergency room in the middle of the night. I threw up along the way. Every time I pass that spot I still feel a bit ill. This only lasted a week, but when I look back it feel so much longer.

Longest day of my life: When I was younger we always played Gothia Floorball Cup every January, and these floorball days kind of blend together. But, I think that one of the longest days of my life must have been one of these days. One of the days when we woke up early on those awful air mattresses, had breakfast together, gossiped about the other teams and the boys living in our accommodation, recharging, and then going to the venue to play floorball. Maybe we had another game after, maybe we could chill a little, but these days lasted and never ended, and they were amazing.

Longest hour of my life: The hour leading up to meeting my au pair family. I was more nervous than I had ever been before, and I had no idea what this meeting would lead to. It led to me getting to know some of the most amazing people, and experience stuff I never thought I’d be introduced to. But I was about to shit myself. I didn’t sleep at all my first night in London, that was a lot of long hours.

Longest minute of my life: When my doctors told me that they didn’t know what was wrong with me and that I would have to stay in the hospital until I got better. It went from “here’s some antibiotics, you should be fine in a week” to “we don’t know, you might need surgery”. That was scary.

Longest second of my life: When we stood in the queue to The Rainbow, an attraction at Liseberg in Gothenburg, and it broke down. People fell out of the ride and everyone started running around us. But time stood still.


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