Tell me about self love.

I have been thinking a lot about self love today, and what I do to listen to myself and feel a bit better.

It is hard, this self love thing, because we are so caught up in everything else all the time, and in all the people around us. It is easy to forget what we actually want for ourselves and what will make us the happiest.
When was the last time you did something nice for you, and you only?

I cook a lot, for others but also for myself. When my partner is away I enjoy putting on some music and cook a nice meal, full of veg and spices. I also like to have a glass of wine while cooking. I feel mindful when I cook; I think about my day, what I have achieved and what tomorrow will bring. I think cooking time is a good time for self reflection, and self love! I am so glad I don’t have a complicated relationship with food and can use that time for thinking and, sometimes, dancing.

Another self love routine I enjoy is going for a walk in a new area. London is still undiscovered and there are so many places, in my area only, that I haven’t seen. I walk, and walk and walk, until I see a cafe that looks nice enough for a coffee break. There I sit, think, listen to podcasts, read, and smile at baristas or babies in push chairs until I feel ready to go again. On my way home my phone usually dies, but that is okay.

And speaking of phones, another self love thing is to turn off your phone. For just a bit. Maybe for a bus ride, while you eat, or an hour before going to bed. You don’t need to be reminded that everyone is so productive all the time.

But I still feel like I need more tips of how to be more self loving, please tell me about yours! Here or on twitter, and let us pass them on so that everyone can spend a bit of time loving themselves. edit7

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