365 Questions for a better you – January edition.

Today I have been writing a lot.
I have prepared questions for an interview that I am doing tomorrow. I am writing another article for Scan Magazine and will be covering Restaurant of the month in the March issue. More about that later…
I have also started writing 365 questions for a better you to reflect on the past month, my goals, and how I am feeling at the moment.
My writing is closely connected to what I am doing and how I am feeling doing those stuff, and I have realised that I wrote more, and more exciting stuff, when I was single and went out and discovered London a couple of years ago. My writing was also strong during my illness and, of course, when I had to write for university.
I need to find that motivation again, without feeling the need to get drunk and sway around under flashing lights.

Here are some of the questions for a better me:
1. What is your biggest dream? – To write and publish a book.
3. How do you feel today? – Pretty good. I have been cooking a lot, and discovered new recipes, which always make me feel peaceful.
7. What’s your goal for next week? – Write the article and apply for three freelance positions.
10. One word that describes you day? – Tastebuds.
12. What is one of you strengths? – I see everyone and include everyone.
13. One behaviour that you need to let go? – That I always have to win an argument.
16. One thing you’d like to do more? – Hang out with friends. I don’t have that many in London anymore.
20. What’s your favourite dish? – Black Dhal and Halloumi stroganoff.
21. What was your biggest victory yesterday? – That I handled the restaurant in the pub although it was very busy and people were tricky.
29. Something that gives you energy? – Nice weather and good conversations.

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