Pub life.

Working in a pub is never predictable.
Today I have served a million Sunday Roasts (ish) and countless of pints, I have been running around in the restaurant area and called the kitchen for horseradish, extra gravy, butter, and gluten free potatoes.
We were understaffed and one man down in the kitchen. The roasts ran out like Jägermeisters on a Saturday. I have served scampi and chips without chips, and roasts without yorkshire puddings. It has been a busy and weird Sunday.
But it was fun, until Arsenal lost against Manchester City. That was predictable though…

Today I have only been writing in my calendar. I have written down how I work this week, when I am babysitting, and how much money I will get this Friday when I get paid. That was fun to write down, especially because I have gotten a lot tips today.

Tomorrow I am off, and I will be doing some proper writing, and look for more freelance jobs. Exciting!

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