Today is the first day where I am seriously considering not posting on here. But that would be disappointing.
So I am doing some late night free writing. A very “dear diary” kind of free writing but oh well.

Yesterday was spent celebrating my birthday. Properly. I was ill during my actual birthday two weeks ago. We (me and 9 others) rented a sauna outside of London and spent four hours slapping each other with greens, getting steamed, creating the biggest splashes in the pool, and playing ping pong. It was so much fun! Afterwards we went to a friends house and continued the party until early Saturday morning. So today has been a hangover day, which we spent watching The Hangover and eating left over food from yesterday. Cheese salad and cake, yum.

To finish this off I’ll list five good things that has happened today, and five things I like about myself.

1. I had the most amazing cake, which was even nicer after a night in the fridge.
2. I had a nap, or a second sleep rather, around 12 o’clock, and it swooped away my headache and troubled tummy.
3. Dennis and I had a nice trip back to London. I love when we are cuddly.
4. I have been watching Sweden got talent and cried a lot.
5. Now I am about to go to bed.

1. I am not afraid to stand up when I feel that something is wrong.
2. I like when I make people laugh.
3. My confident has been better than I thought this weekend, especially since I spent a lot of it in a bikini.
4. I have been drinking a lot of water today (I am usually very bad at drinking water).
5. I managed to write this blog post! Yay me.

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