Non writer Hanna Andersson


Shall I swap blog name? Because I feel like a non writer. I don’t write.  I am actually a useless writer who feel too insecure to write a bloody sentence.

Steph explained it well the other day (She’s amazing by the way, Steph you are my hero), she said “You feel unfulfilled.” Yes. I do. I am suppose to write and I am not. Why? Because I feel like I am not good enough. How do I become good enough? Well non writer Hanna Andersson YOU WRITE! So here I am writing. And I will continue to do so, every day. Yes, you heard me right, I will be blogging everyday and talk about how shit I am at writing. I will document all the writing I do throughout the day, even if it’s just text messages, and I will talk about what I have been writing.

I have had a couple of glasses of wine. I have talked to a friend who has been screwed over by another friend, I am angry at friends being sneaky fuckers, and I am listening to a podcast that is making me emotional and motivated.

I might have to have a couple of glasses every day to make this happen, but it will.

What else have I been writing today? Oh! I wrote down a few things in my calendar. I can’t wait until April when I will probably go to Stockholm and visit both friends and family.

Anything else? Nope? Okay, I will try to write something better to report tomorrow.

Like I said, I’ve had a few glasses of wine…

Okay. Bye then. Love you. Etc.

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