Monday is the first day of the week.

Am I stating the obvious?

Of course I am, but I will explain why…

Last week was a pretty shitty week. It was a-I have no money no one cares no one is listening my job suck and my other job suck too and the third one as well and I am tired all the time and will I get out of this rotten state or is this it because this cannot be it because if it is I quit-kind of week.

I felt horrible.

And I woke up today, after working almost two weeks straight, and thought that this week would be the same.
But, Monday proved me wrong. Today has been tough, but I breathed through it, which is something I could not do last week. I have planned my days, I have made a few people happy, I have taken on a challenge (which I’ll tell you about later), and Dennis danced around in my pink bath robe.

So I feel more at peace today. And I believe that Monday’s are the first day of the week; the start of a new breath and new mind set.

Let’s see how long it last shall we?

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