Tylösand Hotel for Scan Magazine

I have, quite recently, started freelancing for Scan Magazine.
Scan Magazine is a magazine that covers Scandinavian products, events, and profiles, and then share it with the world.

My job is to interview in Swedish and then write an article in English. Hello dream!

My first article was for the September Spa Issue where I wrote about Tylösand Hotel, owned by Per Gessle (frontman of Roxette). All I can say is that I really want to visit, and I think you will want too after reading my article.
Check it out on page 26!

Picture by Pamela Hanné

Monday is the first day of the week.

Am I stating the obvious?

Of course I am, but I will explain why…

Last week was a pretty shitty week. It was a-I have no money no one cares no one is listening my job suck and my other job suck too and the third one as well and I am tired all the time and will I get out of this rotten state or is this it because this cannot be it because if it is I quit-kind of week.

I felt horrible.

And I woke up today, after working almost two weeks straight, and thought that this week would be the same.
But, Monday proved me wrong. Today has been tough, but I breathed through it, which is something I could not do last week. I have planned my days, I have made a few people happy, I have taken on a challenge (which I’ll tell you about later), and Dennis danced around in my pink bath robe.

So I feel more at peace today. And I believe that Monday’s are the first day of the week; the start of a new breath and new mind set.

Let’s see how long it last shall we?