Here I am. A newly graduated university student who can’t quite believe how fast time has gone.

I have always, kind of, known that I would study journalism. But that I would do it in England, combine it with creative writing, and manage to achieve a 2.1 is something I never even dared to dream.

I graduated on Monday the 23rd of July, on the hottest day in the history of the UK, and it was a wonderful, slightly anticlimactic, experience. Anticlimactic because it feels like I finished two months ago.

But I got to spend the day with my favourite course mates, a few proud and supportive lectures, and my beloved family who were visiting from Sweden.


(Only Mattias is missing.)

Afterwards, I took them, Dennis, my mother in law, Andri and her mother, to Notting Hill and Churchill Arms, an iconic pub covered in flowers to celebrate with Thai food. It was a great day.



These three years has been both overwhelming, challenging, beautiful and educational. I often forget how tough the second half of my first year was; how ill I was and how I was not sure that I could continue studying. But I did, somehow, and I only realise this as I see my loved ones proud and emotional. Because I never really think about it myself.

Now I am ready for new and exciting opportunities. And I am glad that I am here, in London, searching for what is to come.

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