Yesterday I took a train from London, heading up to Hastings, to meet the always lovely Grace Latter.
I haven’t seen her since February (when she took me to a pretty book shop in Islington and recommended a bunch of books) and a lot has been happening since then.
This time she got to show me around her local town Hastings, which reminds me a lot of Brighton, and I adored it. So many cute cafés, cool houses, and plenty of sea. I love that there’s loads of vegan and vegetarian places to choose from and Grace, with her contagious smile, happily greeted everyone as we walked through the town.

Grace met me up by the station before taking me to a corner and a cute café, where we had lunch, yum. We then continued down to the beach, walked and talked, and I took my camera out. I’m so happy I brought it. We went to the old town, I took more pictures, and we finished the day with a drink at The Crown, a lovely little pub that smelled of pancakes and jam.

I love the occasional trip outside of London. Places like Hastings, Brighton, Edinburgh, and Cornwall release another kind of creativity than in London and I instantly want to write, or read. It is very peaceful, and I’m looking forward to more trips to the coast.

Thank you Grace for having me! edit1
It was a misty day, and we could barely see the mighty water surrounding this island we live on. But we saw a lot of seagulls.

edit3Grace, shining brighter than the sun.

Cute streets in Hasting Old Town. I loved it there.


edit9The Crown at Crown Lane.


Beautiful Grace.

“Let’s have chips before we go”


Oh yes. They are better by the sea.

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