A community of writers.

I started studying at University of Roehampton three years ago. I knew no one. I was (and still is) the annoying *I have an opinion* teachers pet, (yes I enjoy the company of teachers) and sometimes felt lonely.

I found my group of friends, uni buddies, and enjoyed it, even though I didn’t hung around much after class. But I soon realised the beauty of a writing community; I could pretty much text anyone in my creative writing group and they would give me feedback on my writing. It was not at all the same in the journalism class, there it has been much more competitive, although I have my little group of journalism editors today.

In my creative writing group, there are so many ready to reach out a helping hand, and I appreciate that enormously. But funnily enough, I feel like I could reach out to any of my lectures as well. Yay, the loneliness has payed off! The same goes from writers I have gotten to know elsewhere, bloggers I admire or friends studying something similar.

This week has been a bit mad, I feel like I have been way behind with one of my assignments, and I have gotten the best support and feedback from both fellow students and lecturers. I messaged a friend of mine, who I haven’t actually hung out with at all, but always had good conversations with, and he got back to me straight away with great notes on my work.
I am so grateful for how everyone has helped me, and I think this is the best thing that has come out of university.

What I also love about this is that I would do the exact same thing. I love editing others work! I love taking someones work, add something or change something to make their words even greater. I can get a text saying ‘Hey, can you have look at this?’ and I’d let go of everything to do it, because it is so much fun. I love my community of writers, and it is expanding by the day.


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