Multitasking from hell.

As I am working my way through my last couple of month of university I am slightly panicking, but weirdly seem to have everything together?

I have just started my first post-university job as an editorial assistent at a content creating company called Eric, and it takes up most of my brain capacity at the moment. At the same time I am trying to finish all my assignments, produce X-Magazine, prepare for editing sessions of my short story, blog, and, you know, eat and sleep.

Luckily, this is something I want to do, and something that I want to be better at. I want to be brilliant.

I am looking towards the finish line, to when I have finished all my tasks, and to when I can solemnly focus on my career. But, until then, I am multicasting the shit out of this spring.



So I did this thing….

I trashed my ticket to London this weekend and took the opportunity to go to Stockholm. I came on Sunday, and will leave for London on Wednesday, and I have had the best time.
I have been spending time with my uncle, his wife, my cousins and their partners and of course little Linton; one of my cousins 1 year old WHO I ADORE! We spent the Sunday together, had Easter dinner, drank too much beer and wine, and played family games; we do love Pictionary!
Then I have been to a floorball game where I got to see an old friend of mine (whom I met in London 4 and a half years ago, he’s called Gustav), play against my local Kalmar team. Gustav’s team bloody smashed the Kalmar team, and it was amazing, it was intense, and it was so much fun.
I have missed watching floorball; it is a special feeling to sit there and feel everything, and to get swooped in with the other supporters.
After the game I was invited for dinner at Gustav’s house, and it was so lovely. We talked about floorball, the time that has passed, school, work and everything in between. His family are so into floorball that we kept talking about the game over and over, which I loved.
Today I’m enjoying the sunshine.

Now, always when I see people back in Sweden I am asked “So, what will happen next? Will you move back to Sweden?” and my answer has always been No.
I don’t really feel like I want to go back to Sweden, I am way too restless for the Swedish Lagom (Lagom means ‘Just enough’) and I want to travel and see more of the world.
But, if I were to move back to Sweden I would move to Stockholm.

Stockholm feels like home, although I have not actually lived here. We moved down to Öland when I was six, so I haven’t really experienced the Swedish capital properly. But I have so much family, and so many friends, living here and I wish I had the opportunity to spend more time with them and in this city.
I want to find the best coffee in Stockholm, I want to go and see all the football derbys, I want to live the quality life I know exist in Sweden, but maybe not just yet…

I am not quite done with London and the hectic, crazy, wonderful life I have there, but I can’t deny that Stockholm is an intriguing thought. I will continue to say No to Sweden for a while longer though, but when I feel a bit more Lagom I will start considering moving back to where it all started.