A chaotic journey.

After a full on crazy-oh my god what is happening-I cannot handle this-kind of week I am now in Sweden, having a beer with my father. I am here to check on my cervix, you know, as you do.

But my morning, and the start of my journey, was absolutely crazy.

First off, the we went into summertime, and I lost one hour of sleep. But also, someone in our building was having an afterparty and I woke up at 3. Two hours later I got up and started checking my trains. It was more confusing than usual and I thought that Victoria Station would be my best chance, although I might have to go with the Gatwick Express, which is a total rip off.
I got there, in an uber, got a coffee and checked my trains. The 6.30 was cancelled and it looked like I had to take the next Gatwick Express. I bought a ticket and went on the train. At 6.58 they announce that the train wont leave and that the next train wont be until 7.22. Shit.
I got out, really annoyed at this point, and talked to a person working there. I asked why the hell I wasn’t warned that this might happen when I got there to buy my ticket, because this had obviously been going on all morning. He said that they don’t know what will happen and that they couldn’t know that this train also would be cancelled, neither did he say that the next one might be cancelled too. I was pissed off. I had an hour to get to the airport, or I was most likely missing my flight.

As I walked out from the platform a guy approach me and asked if I wanted to share a cab. YES PLEASE! I went to take out cash for him and he says “I’ll get two more”. So there we were, four strangers ordered an uber and got into it, half stressed and half laughing at the situation. The planned time of arrival was 8.15, my flight was at 9.20.

My three new travel buddies were all going to very different places, they were all from very different places and were leaving after spending very different amount of time in London.
A woman, late twenties, who was from the UK, was going to Valencia. Her flight was at 9.10. The other man, also late twenties, was from Mexico City and was heading back to Seattle after visiting the UK for a wedding. The man who brilliantly spotted us angry and stressed, was from Belgium, he had been in London for three years and was now heading to Nepal and later South Africa after quitting his job in the City two days ago. It was a good group of people.

We came to the airport, dropped the English girl off at north terminal and went on to the south. I, who only had an hour before my flight was due, ran away from the lovely guys and sped through security. Thankfully, all went well and I could join the group at my gate. I made it.

I had had a bad feeling before the trip and I knew something would go wrong. I didn’t know what, so I just went with the flow. Still, I was super annoyed with the blood suckers that are Gatwick Express.

When I got to Copenhagen I went through faster than ever before, and I was soon on a train to Malmö.

Now I am home, on my little island, having a beer with my father, and I am so so so exhausted.

Still it has been an interesting day and I am grateful I ended up in that car with three very interesting people. I am sure we will meet again, but maybe in another life.

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