2014. Part 2.



I went to Sweden during June 2014. I came home to my besties, my family and 8 kittens. 8 KITTENS!
I went home to celebrate my brothers graduation and it was a very nice get away that I very much needed.


They were all so precious! I wish we had kittens every summer.


So my oldest little brother graduated from “high school” (not quite the same but close enough to high school/a-levels) and it was a wonderful celebration. The whole family gathered, we ate good food, drank a lot of summery drinks, we sang and we danced.




Good times!


When I came back to London it was time for Midsummer (Midsommar). Midsummer is a Swedish/Nordic celebration of the longest days of the year and it is one of our biggest events. During this holiday we drink nubbe (schnapps), we eat herring, meatballs, new potatoes, and other summery delicacy’s, we sing silly songs about frogs and we dance around a midsummer pole.
This celebration has become a big thing in London because of the amount of Swedes living here. Thousands of people gather in Hyde Park for a massive picnic, there is a tiny midsummer pole and everyone is dressed in flowers.
This was my first midsummer in London and oh my god I must say it was more fun and memorable than most of my midsummers in Sweden. Swedes in London are the best.
I went there with my au pair friends but also met up with most of my team mates from the floorball team, many whom never had celebrated Midsummer before (because they are not from Sweden). We started drinking at 12.00 and continued for a long long time with many many schnapps and many many rounds of kubb.



128 copy



I love the happy feeling I get when I look at these pictures.

I absolutely loved this Midsummer. I was in some kind of euphoria during the whole day and just smiled, talked and danced with everyone. It is one of my most happy memories.


Me and my au pair family went on our second holiday together in August, this time to Turkey! It was my second time in Turkey (I have been once before with my mama) and I adore the country. Good food, nice people and great weather. We rented a villa and both Hesther’s mother and father came along this time.
Hesther’s mother is very restless, so I spent a lot of time with her going on bumpy bus rides, drinking coffee and talking about everything between family problems, dreams of university and literature. This trip was so lovely and me and the family got very close. One of my favourite days was when we rented a boat and went out for a day trip on the bluest water I have ever seen.









Sitting here looking at these pictures makes me so jealous of my old self. London is colder than I ever have experienced it and it has been snowing for days. It is lovely but I want spring so much that I can’t really appreciate it. I dream about Turkey instead…

025 copy

Back in London and I had these three crazy girls over. Their main purpose of their visit was to take me to Harry Potter Studios in Watford. It was exactly as magical as I expected it to be. I cried as we walked through the doors to the great halls, I freaked out as we went through the different areas of the world I am so in love with and I just wanted to stay there forever.

026 copy



“Words are, in my not-so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” 



My best friend Mikael is a massive Aston Villa supporter, as well as a massive football lover, and we decided to go and visit Villa Park in Birmingham to watch some Premier League football. We watched Aston Villa vs Arsenal and I was secretly supporting the red London team (who won) while tapping my friend on the shoulder saying ‘there there’.

005 copy


Around this time I decided that Yes, I am a Arsenal fan and let go of my fear of feeling like a “glory hunter”, because there is no glory in supporting Arsenal… there is only anxiety and heartbreak. But man I love that team, and the stadium. This was my first ever game at Emirates and Arsenal was playing Galatasaray in the Champions League. We won.



I started working for a second family in September and started to take care of these beautiful girls. Raphaela and Edie. I love these girls so much, and I have gotten so close to them and the rest of the family. Their mother is one of my closest friends and we still go for coffee together every other month. I am also very close to all their other nannies which makes it easier to stay in touch with all of them.

122 (kopia)

2014 was a beautiful year in London and we spent many evenings walking around in Hampstead, Notting Hill and parks all over the city. Autumn is gorgeous if the light is right and we had many photo sessions that I will always remember. Linn really encouraged my passion for photography and I learnt a lot during this time.


I met this chica in 2014. We met on a music video shooting, and somehow we figured out that we were both Swedish, both massive football fans and both allergic to Jose Mourinho. Now it feels like she has been in my life forever, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


And then came December. I went back to Sweden, again, my brother had a messy beard so I gave him a red bow, we made Christmas sweets and my dad spent all his time in the kitchen: he does the most dreamy Christmas food.


Me and Maja, Josefine and Emma made a Christmas photoshoot and had soooo much fun, they are the craziest and greatest I know.



I was given a new lens this year, and I was (and still is) so in love with it. I ran around taking pictures of my siblings, the tree, decorations and the neighbours dog. With this lens I could take my photography to a new level!



After Christmas I took Emma, Josefine and Maja with me back to London.
These are pictures from the last morning of 2014 when Maja went out for a run, and I went out with my camera. It was freezing and so so lovely.
That evening was a full on drunken wander and I ended up falling over on the street and mess up my knee. I spent my first day of 2015 picking out pebbles of my bloody scar and we had Dominos Pizza. Happy Days!

It has taken me some time to go through this year, so the text doesn’t always fit today.
Like when I wrote about Turkey and how it has been snowing in London, yeah that was 10 days ago.

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