How to Adult – Weekly Shooping

The thought of it is not actually intimidating. I like the list making, the planning, the read through a brand new cookbook or the saved Tasty recipes on my Facebook. I feel responsible and very much like an adult (which is something I have been avoiding feeling like since always). I plan for both breakfast and dinner, the meals in between are a bit more fluid, and I make sure there’s enough room in the fridge for what is suppose to fit in there. I go through the list with my partner, to make sure that if he complain later this week he cannot blame me.

The walk there is fine (although it’s pouring and we have to avoid the big streets where we might be showered by trucks) and we brought three bags from home: Stop the unnecessary plastic waste people! It takes around 15 minutes to get there and it feels good to have a big supermarket nearby.
We arrive to the shop, a big Tesco, and I am thrilled with the selection within. Bring me the veg!

We walk around and start picking stuff to put in our trolley. Yup, another adult thing: you buy so much that you need a basket with wheels. As we go and Dennis pick out his meat he says ‘This is why I don’t like weekly shopping, everything is about to expire?’ Sure enough, on every package of chicken, mushroom, broccoli and the rest, the expire date is in like two days. I guess we just have to hope it’s an exaggeration?
We continue and quickly go through my list, which I brought, another adult point right there. We make sure the coffee is up to my Swedish standard and go for one called Fika and we make sure that the vodka is up to Dennis standards and buy one called Absolut.

We make our purchase, use all our brought bags, and head home through the rain. I feel very happy with how smooth it all went down and with how organised I’d been.
We get home, wet but satisfied, and start unpacking. It all fit in!
Now, you must wonder if we forgot anything? Of course we did. We have no conditioner, no laundry liquid, I need painkillers and tampons, and we don’t have any oil. I think there will be a few trips to our local little supermarket throughout the week… if not for oil, then for wine.

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