International Women’s Day

Today is a beautiful day. Not because of the flowers we are receiving, not because of the congrats, not because of the pink beer or the whiskey in a dress, and certainly not because of the hate.
Today is a beautiful day, because once every year, on the 8th of March, women remind men, and each other, that we are important. That we are strong, that we will continue to fight for issues that we live with and we will do that for all women around, for the women without a voice, for the women unsure what to think. We will continue to raise these questions until everyone is listening, until every Harvey has fallen, until an act of goodness will just be that, and not a heroic sacrifice for the greater good.


It has been a big year. Huge. The TIME person of the year was WOMEN, Silence Breakers, standing up against the power that has been crushing them, women who finally spoke of the secret (not so secret) events that has been going on, since always.
We have been wearing black, we have been wearing roses, we have marched, and we have been writing. And writing. And writing. We have shared our stories, #metoo, and we have been heard. But we will keep writing. We will continue to write until we will wake up to a world without having to fight for respect, for a chance, for equality.
Let’s make this year even bigger.


TIME’S UP, she screamed high over the roof tops, over the patriarchy, over the masses, over the unwilling. But ,most importantly, she screamed towards her sisters, standing united, finally, together. TIME’S UP.


This embroidery is made by my fantastic friend Cornelia (I’ll tag her on Instagram) and I am so grateful that she let me use her stunning art work for this piece. Thank you hun.

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