Four years of London.

I have now lived in London for four years and six months. You might say that I am stuck. I would agree. I came here because I could not stay at the little Swedish island where I lived, I needed something new, something big.
These four years have been dramatic, eye opening, exciting, lonely, and absolutely wonderful, and soon I will graduate university. How crazy is that?
I don’t know what will happen after the summer, but I have big plans, and I will probably stay in this amazing and heart-breaking capital.

I was thinking that I should do a recap of my years in this city; what it has given me, what it has lead me into, where I have ended up, and who I have met along the way.
I will do one part per year I have spent here, and I am quite excited about it. I get to go through all my albums and it will give me space to reflect on what has happened.


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