So yesterday was Valentines day and for me and Dennis that is not that big of a deal. I went for a meeting in the morning, bought some cute cupcakes, came home to my NA-KD order that had arrived, and in the evening we went to the pub. We drank beer and watched Champions League; that is how we celebrate love.

Valentines day is all about money and it has almost turned into a competition: Who spends the most money on their partner? Sad huh? I can absolutely appreciate proper date nights, putting on my nicest underwear and that my partner makes an effort, but it does not have to be on February 14th. Also, making an effort for me can be as small as “do you want to go out for a coffee” or “I love the lipstick you are wearing”. For me it’s absolutely the small things that equals the big love.

The holiday of love is also a day that makes people without a partner think less of themselves, which I cannot understand. Honestly, you are not less of a person because you don’t have a partner. Do not let anyone (the society) trick you into believing that.

What do you think? Is Valentines day worth celebrating? 

We are 100% silly. Picture taken by Linnsejphotography 

On another note, Sweden has earned 5 medals in 5 days in the Olympics and this morning I cried because one of our young talents took her first ever Olympic gold. Well done Hanna Öberg!

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