Honestly, I almost exclusively dress in black. Maybe a bit of greys, greens and wine reds sneak their way into my closet, but black is my base. I love black. Love love love it. I usually try on other colours, but I know that the black piece will look better than the rest.
But I will today, since I am still unwell, spend my day in bed and order a bunch of clothes in other colours than black. I will try them on, and if I don’t like them I can send them back, yay. I really feel like I could use some brightness in my everyday life.

I am trying out NA-KD today and have no idea how the clothes will fit on someone that is not size XS, but the future will tell, and I will tell you.
Where do you do your online shopping? 

edit80 (kopia)

Picture taken by Johanna.

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