Roehampton Alumni students

Today in my brilliant class ‘Business of Writing’ we were visited by “old” Roehampton students. Three amazing girls who have, since graduating 4 years ago, done really well in their “yes, I’m a writer”-lives. It was so inspiring. They are out there, doing the proper grown up thing I’m terrified of doing, and they have been right where I am right now!

I’m so pumped by how much they’ve done and what you can achieve if you work for it. They were also absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to send them my work.

Swarzy Macaly has since university gone into radio, she’s a presenter and has found her passion in working for her community. Her work with the Grenfell Tower tragedy has had a huge impact and she says that making a difference is the most important thing. Oh my god she’s cool (I have to stop fan girl on public platforms…), just check her out here! 

Haley Jenkins is a poet and fiction writer who recently created her own publishing platform where she encourages new and unpublished writers to let the world know that they are there. She’s so sweet and positive, approachable and all around awesome, I really loved meeting her. Here’s her website! 

Nanou Blair Gould is so relatable, so funny and so real. She knows what she wants, how she wants it and wow she has gone for it. Based on her first novel, she was invited to go on a trip to the Arctic, an art and science trip where she could just be and create. And she’s going there again. Here’s her being just awesome.


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