Blogs and Instagram accounts – London favourites

London life is my favourite life. I love browsing through lifestyle, photography, and good coffee accounts. Here’s three that are more lifestyle than anything else, featuring the streets of London, good quality text and pictures.


Aziza Makame is as fabulous on Instagram as she is in real life. I have the honour of studying journalism with her at Roehampton University, and she has taught me a lot. Her Instagram is filled with colour, beautiful surroundings, and the biggest smile. It always make me smile. She is also great at updating her Instastory, which I love! Visit her blog and her Instagram. 


I have very recently discovered Georgina and her Instagram. Great pictures filled with food and street life. A proper feel good account. She seems to be the sweetest person and her where-to-go-in-London-tips are awesome. I like a girl who likes good coffee. Here’s her blog! 


Vix Meldrew is as lovely as she looks. She delivers everyday updates on her London life, her travels and what other adventures surrounds her. Her blog is filled with tips, features and lovely insights on life. Check her out and enjoy. Blog right here! 

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