Blogs and Instagram accounts – Swedish talents

Yes, I am Swedish, living a London life. Still, I seek inspiration from my home country, and mostly from people I have looked up to for a long time. Here are three of them.


I met Linn in London 4 and a half years ago. She is one of my biggest inspirations in life. She moved back to Sweden (and left me, no I’m still not over it), and chased her dream to become a photographer. And here she is, doing exactly what she loves doing, how cool is that? Her Instagram feed is a joy to go through and her pictures always make me happy. Check her out here –Linnsejphotography.  or on her Instagram.


When I first discovered this chica she went by the name Grönhandduk (green towel) and has since then made my social media much brighter. I don’t know Jennifer, but it feel like I do, at least a little. We have been following each other for so long and she is just a natural part of my daily inspirations. She writes in Swedish, but her pictures and boomerangs are worth looking at. @sofiajennifer.


Elin Kero aka Nevnarien is first and foremost a photographer who also blogs and runs a youtube channel. She loves winter, snow, the middle ages and archery. Her photos really portrait her personality; bright, inviting, and present. I have read her blog for ages and I love that she is just being herself, always. Here is her youtube (where she mostly speak english) and here is her blog.


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