Blogs and Instagram accounts – Photographers

I will now present some favourites in my Instagram feed. Here are some photographers who I can’t stop admiring. I follow a lot of photographers from everywhere which I love, I can dream myself away with them.

Simon Fassbender is a German photographer and is truly amazing. His style is just wow, dark, cozy, deep and intriguing. I always want to jump into the scene. He photographs his travels and ever day life.


Hobopeeba – Kristina Makeeva – is Russian and equally amazing. She takes me to the Red Square in Moscow, introduces me to her ginger cat, and enchant me with pictures from everywhere. She uses bright colours and motives that LIVE.


Josh Perrett is from Bristol, England and is another photographer I adore. Depth, a huge amount of feeling and warm colours is what has captured me. He portraits Britain at its best and also takes us around Europe. You can find him on Instagram or here.


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