PPA Live and Dylan Jones

As students at Roehampton University we got the amazing opportunity to attend Professional Publishing Associations live event with GQs editor Dylan Jones.

Mr Jones, who was interviewed by PPA CEO Barry McIlheney, was a truly inspirational speaker and he made the audience laugh throughout the session. Barry kept the conversation going and made sure the audience contributed with questions as well as leading questions. Mr Jones also stayed for a bit after the talk which was very nice. We got the chance to meet him in person and could ask more questions about GQ and the industry.

Some quotes from the evening:
“Always send your emails to a senior editor.”
“Make yourself indispensable.”
“You teach yourself how to do it.” (About writing)
“Im a decent editor, but a very average writer.”

Mr Jones work with and around David Bowie is fascinating and as he encouraged us to give it away for Christmas, I think I will get it for myself.

“How many in here likes Bowie? Oh there’s not enough hands up.”

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